Suncatcher Sanctuary: Where every cat's sparkle shines bright.

We are a cat sanctuary dedicated to rescuing cats with special needs, super seniors, and hospice cases in Phoenix, Arizona.

Helping cats with unique needs thrive

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for overlooked cats, including those with special needs, in hospice, and seniors. At Suncatcher Sanctuary, each cat receives abundant love and care in a safe and nurturing environment. As passionate advocates, we are committed to raising awareness and eliminating the stigma surrounding special needs pets.

Our goal

We currently house all of our feline residents in a private residence. We are working hard everyday with the dream of expanding the space so we can house more cats, invite our local community to volunteer, and host events. Help us reach our goal by becoming a monthly donor today!

Our residents

Each cat, whom we lovingly call The Suncatchers, have a unique story. Their detailed bio is coming soon, but in the meanwhile, please enjoy their cute photos.

two special needs cats sitting on a cat tree at a cat sanctuarytwo special needs cats sitting on a cat tree at a cat sanctuary